Creating lifelong family memories in Fiji

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Tell us about your family! How many of you are there? How do you like to spend your weekends? Do you like to travel?
There are eight of us in total. Mum (Dianne) & Dad (Frank), my brother Craig, his wife Jodi, their three little ones, Caleb, Tahlia and Mila, and myself, Carly. Usually, we travel and spend our weekends independently (as we run a family business, so probably see each other enough during the week), but we come together for celebrations.

What are your top tips for parents planning a getaway with little ones?
I'm not sure if they're top tips for parents (as I'm not one myself), but my top tip for travelling with family of various generations is finding a destination that offers variety. Different types of restaurants (that can cater for kids and picky eaters), activities that range from active to relaxing, and most importantly, kids club.

How did you choose your getaway destination for this holiday? Is this somewhere with special meaning to you, or somewhere you have always wanted to visit?
Fiji was chosen for two reasons. One, it's a relatively close distance to Australia, so short flight time for the kidlets. Two, it holds special meaning to my family, as we had been there exactly 25 years ago when we were only a family of four.

Why did you decide to arrange a family photoshoot? Was it to mark something special, or just to help you capture those precious family and holiday memories?
We travelled for my Mum's 70th birthday and wanted to mark the occasion with a Travelshoot as the brood slowly grows. Our previous Travelshoot was in Hawaii for my Dad's 70th and we were only a family of 7, so we had an extra one to add into this location.

Talk us through your Travelshoot experience and how it all went down! What were your favourite parts? How did your children find the shoot? Did you all have fun?
We love having Travelshoot days! It was a lovely day for us all to hang together and get some nice family pics while exploring the location with a local, who always has some awesome insight and hot tips. Our legendary photographer Masada has a few children of his own, so when the little ones had a meltdown (as they do), Masada was fantastic at turning them around and in the end, they were loving it.


What would be your advice to a family thinking about booking a shoot?
Book it! Time flies by so quick and it's lovely to have some professional photos of your kids and great memories of your holiday.

And finally, what’s your favourite shot from your Travelshoot? Why do you love it?
My favourite photo is the one of my whole family casually walking towards the camera. It sums up how comfortable we are with each other, the photographer and how relaxed we were on holiday.