A very special Travelshoot with Liz Cantor

From pro surfer, to media sensation, to motherhood. We were thrilled to help the beautiful Liz Cantor and her family capture some very special memories of her latest bundle of joy only days after his arrival. And we were delighted when she took a moment to tell us her thoughts on all things travel and motherhood...

Favourite place to travel and why?
I absolutely love New Zealand. It’s the land of beauty and adventures. There’s so much variety to the landscape between the North and South Islands. From surfing, to whale watching to snow skiing, to wineries, fruit barns on the side of the road to incredible dining, NZ offers it all!

Best child-friendly holiday spot you could recommend?
Bali! Because of the affordable babysitting options! This allows you to have a surf with your partner while the kids are in safe hands, or an evening out to dinner knowing the babies are comfortable in their beds. Also because of the warm days spent playing in the ocean and pools which my kids seem to love. They loved the buffet breakfasts too!

Do you find travelling with kids an ordeal or an adventure?
Both! I’m still adapting to the planning required for traveling with two under two, but seeing their joy and reactions to new things takes me back to seeing these things again for the first time. When their eyes light up, mine do too! I like to be quite spontaneous and this isn’t as easy with children, but I always fine when things do change I’m amazed at how well the kids adapt. 

Best tip for plane travel with kids? 
Keep them hydrated as much as you can. I found anything that could block out light, such as a black swaddle really useful. When I flew to Europe on my own with Kit at 10 months I had a CoziGo which I put over his bassinet and the pram when we were out to dinner. Pack small new toys - or even a roll of sticky tape that they can play with. Lots of snacks! 

What's your best tip for new mothers in general?
There’s some really challenging phases of motherhood, such as teething, or when bubs are sick and won’t sleep, but they never last! So just ride out these challenging times and remind yourself to take things day by day and be kind to yourself. A happy mum is so so important and if that means asking someone for help to give you an hour to go for a walk and clear your head, then do it! 

Why are family memories important to you?
Because of my upbringing. I have so much love for the memories I have of traveling with my parents. My favourite childhood memories are all the family holidays we shared. Exploring new places and new cultures. Trying new foods.

You experienced a newborn Travelshoot through Pindara Private – how did you find the experience, and why would you recommend it to other mothers in those first few days?
So wonderful. I was a little bit overwhelmed at the thought of being photographed so soon after birth, but when I look back at those photos now I’m SO glad we did. I can’t imagine not having captured Fin at such a precious time! His first few days of life! Our photographer was so patient, unobtrusive, quick, incredibly gentle with our newborn and made us all feel so comfortable. And considering I got myself ready in no word of a lie 2 mins, I was blown away at how nice she made the photos look!