A supermum and memories of Auckland...

Allisa is not just a recent client, but in our eyes she's a supermum who entrusted us with some very special memories. On a recent family getaway to Auckland, we were lucky enough to find an hour and some beautiful green and iconic rolling hills to provide the perfect backdrop for our local Auckland photographer to work their magic....

We couldn't help but ask a few questions of Allisa, and how travelling with 5 children works and why memories are important to her family. 

Who’s in your Travelshoot? 
My husband Sean and myself. Our 5 kids Josh, Jemma, Millie, James and Declan. We also had Nanna Sheila in a number of our photos too.

Favourite city in the world and why?
Rome I love the history the romance the food and the crazy pace of Rome. It makes me feel alive

Travelling with kids – best advice/hack? 
Always take travel games that the family can all play. We always travel with cards and make up crazy games to keep every entertained. 

Best thing about Auckland? 
Mix of interesting laneways, awesome food and natural beauty. A wonderful spot to explore

Best thing about your Travelshoot? 
We have a set of wonderful family memories that we will all cherish forever. We were in a great location and we had so much fun as a family doing it. Our kids are getting older and this may be the last time we know we are all on holidays together. 

Why do you think family memories matter?
We have family photos all over our house and our kids love to reminisce about remember when. It keeps  our sense of family and shared experiences alive. The experience of travel may only be a short time but the memory of how you felt doing that will last a lifetime. Our Travelshoot has captured some beautiful family moments for us.