A special birthday in Hobart

When Thea realised that her Mum’s 50th birthday fell on the day that their family first visited Hobart, she knew that she had to find a way to mark such a special day! Travelshoot was there to capture the milestone birthday, leaving the whole family with beautiful photos and a lasting memory of an all-round amazing time in a new city.  We caught up with Thea to hear more about the occasion, and her family’s experience:

Tell us a bit about your family, and why you chose to do a Travelshoot in Hobart?
My family love any excuse to get together & have fun! We all get on so well, and - as my sister puts it - are ‘a little extra’!  All 6 of us - My mum Romina, stepdad Ian, younger brother Axl, my sister Agata, my husband Thomas and I, decided to book a cruise trip together around Australia & Tasmania to celebrate Mum’s 50th.  It was so perfect that Mum’s actual birthday fell on the day we docked in Hobart! I have been following Travelshoot on Instagram, and love seeing how others have captured travel memories and milestone moments. I knew a family shoot would make the perfect, lasting gift for Mum’s special day.


How did you find the Travelshoot experience?
None of the family have been to Hobart before - and we were so blown away by how beautiful it really is! Our pre-holiday research just didn’t do it justice! The city made an ideal setting for our family photos, and the weather was perfect on the day. The Travelshoot process itself was so easy. I booked the shoot only a week before, and was instantly matched with a really talented photographer in Hobart - lovely Rosie. All of us really enjoyed ourselves during the shoot, and felt so relaxed. Best of all, we came home with photos we all love & cherish. Mum couldn’t be happier.

Why did you think it was important to capture holiday memories?
For me, there’s just no better way to remember those highlight reel moments, than flicking through beautiful travel photos. I love going through albums & being transported back to the great times I’ve had. The photographs from our Travelshoot are extra special, as they capture not only a milestone moment, but just a really fun day with my loved ones.


Are you visiting Tasmania any time soon?