A minute with Brooke Falvey...

She's an Australian fashion editor and blogger we love to follow @what_brooke_wore and we were honoured to help capture some of her latest travel moments in New York and Fiji. For a little more inspiration we caught up with the lovely Brooke Falvey to get the lowdown on all things travel....

Tell us a little about you! How do you like spending your weekends? 

I spend my days alternating between working for non for profits and scouring the local shops and online stores to find the newest trends to share with my community. On the weekends, I try to embrace some downtime (which doesn't always happen!) and I definitely love to squeeze in some visits to the beach over summer.

Do you love to travel? Give us an idea of the places you have visited, and how often you get away...

My soul is filled with wanderlust and I often dream about selling everything and heading off to travel and explore far flung places. I have been very lucky that both my parents fostered a deep love of travel. Since then I've done Contiki tours through Europe, had a beach holiday in Thailand, lived in London for 15 months and have been back to Greece, Paris, New York and LA and Fiji a couple of times since returning home. I try to take an overseas holiday every couple of years.

What made you choose to go to Fiji? Is this somewhere with special meaning to you/ somewhere you have always wanted to visit?

This was my third visit to Fiji; it's the perfect place to rest and recuperate after a busy year at work. I really love the relaxed vibe of the islands and the locals are always so happy and friendly.

Since your first Travelshoot experience in New York, can you tell us how you found this new experience in Fiji?

I wasn't sure what to expect with my first Travelshoot. At that time, I hadn't really worked with any photographers (other than family and friends taking happy snaps) so I was a little worried I'd look awkward in my photos. However my photographer Luc was fantastic - he encouraged me to just explore my surroundings—including stopping for an ice cream—so the photos look really natural and relaxed. 

Now, I spend my days shooting outfits for my Instagram account so I'm definitely more used to being in front of a camera-wielding professional, but I was also on a chilled out beach holiday, so it was easy to be relaxed. The torrential rain that struck halfway through my shoot when we were on the beach threw my plans into chaos, but Laura was fantastic and we decided to just go with it and make the most of the fact there wasn't anyone in the pool!

Which country/ destination takes the top spot on your travel wishlist? Why?

Returning to New York always tops my wishlist, but when it comes to places I'm yet to visit - Sardinia and Malta are right up there. I find myself always screenshotting or saving photos I seen on Instagram and Pinterest from both places. Right now, I long to sit by the sea with the sunshine on my shoulders.

And finally, what’s your favourite shot from both New York & Fiji? And why do you love them?

I have two favourites from New York - the black and white one really nailed the Sex and the City vibe that I was going for, but the coloured one is amazing because it was just by fluke that Manhattenhenge - a twice-yearly phenomenon where the setting sun aligns precisely with the east-west streets of Manhattan's street grid system creating a glow of light between buildings—and behind me!

And my favourite shot from Fiji is one from when I was dancing in the pool - there wasn't another person in there because it was raining and I was twirling around in these crazy lobster-print togs. It's just such a happy photo, looking at it makes me smile.