Our top 5 picks to keep your man busy in Paris

So you’re taking on Paris, the famed city of love, and you want to take your man out on a date. What do you do? Where do you go? It’s the city of love, not the city of beer and football. As much as your man loves spoiling you with a picnic and bottle of wine at the Champ de Mars, he’ll still fall even more madly in love with you if you surprise him with a date tailored just for him. Paris is tricky, but that’s doesn’t mean it can’t be done. It’s not the called city of love for nothing, after all.

So first things first, where to? I've thrown together a list of five of the best places to take your man on a date, whilst still keeping the romance flowing. You’ve taken a romantic walk along the canals, you’ve laughed over a bottle of wine and you’ve kissed atop the Eiffel tower, what’s next? Tell your partner to put away his fold out map and relax for the day, this date is organised just for him.

6 Avenue Jean Aicard

First on the list is the La Fine Mousse, a restaurant/bar that embodies the craft beer movement with a passion. Paris is typically associated with wine, so this is a fantastic surprise for your partner who I'm sure is thirsting for a taste of some exotic hops and malts. With a selection of 20 craft beers on tap alongside a selection of bold whiskeys and ciders, this is the place to be. But this isn’t why La Fine Mousse made it onto the list.

The real surprise is the initiation to beer tasting workshop. Run the first Sunday of the month or upon request, this initiation will have your partner thirsty with excitement. If they aren’t a craft connoisseur, they’re sure to pull through with at least a new favourite to order at the next bar you pass into.

38 Boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle

SoGymnase is a must go-to if you’re planning a surprise date for your man. Located in the centre of Paris you’ll be feeling the cities vibe in the air as well as something you won’t find anywhere else in the city. SoGymnase is the first and only comedy club around, that is, the only one dedicated to the English speaking audience! Each night hosts a variety of comedians from around the world performing stand up comedy of all types – one-man shows, open-mic, sketches and more. The venue is home to a bar to get the laughs rolling as well as the option to move your seating around for the best experience possible. Get a taste of Paris with some of the hits from home, grab a bottle of wine and laugh the night away!

190 Rue Marcadet

Paris is a growing hub of culture and art, get a little more of an intimate experience by hiring out a vintage-styled Vespa. As good as the walks around town are, your man will love the exciting ride through alleys splashed with street art and cruising along the streets to find the perfect place for a picnic. Grab a travel bag and stuff it with snacks and a blanket to have a stop off at a romantic location like the Champ de Mars.

If you’re a little worried about getting lost Left Bank Scooters also offers arrange of guided tours to help you by. If you’re stressed for time this is a great way to see the city at speed whilst still having fun. You’re partner is sure to repay you with a romantic dinner as thanks!

111 Rue Saint-Maur

 If you’re partner is a regular to the pub back home or always up for a beer at your local, this is the perfect date for him. Take him out to La Quille, a public pool hall and miniature bowling alley where Oberkampf meets Rue Saint-Maur. La Quille is home to six bowling lanes 15m long as well as a billiard room and two bars – both of which charge low prices for a pint of beer. This is a date that will change up your time in Paris and help you and your partner get a full sense of what’s on offer. You can either take the date on as a couple or head in with some friends to have a friendly play off at the tables! 

16 Rue Barbanegre

Last on the list is L’ Espace B. This one is more of a night out than a date. Paris is full of cocktail bars and fancy restaurants, what’s a little harder to find is a more casual venue where you can have a few drinks and have some fun without the price tag. L’ Espace B made the list with its local gig appeal; the venue is known for hosting underground acts of many genres, ranging from electro to hip-hop. Tucked away between a neighbourhood bar and an Italian restaurant you can’t help but feel like a local. This is a great place to take your partner out on a date if he’s feeling a little swamped with the love and craziness of Paris, every man needs a little kickback here and there and it makes for a great time!

That does it for out top five list! All that’s left is for the surprise date in return that he’s sure to plan as a thank you!

Blog Author: Daniel Hearne