Your must do festival list


Travel is all about experiences - and with an array of festivals making their mark on global holiday plans, we thought we'd help with a few key festival dates for 2015!

1. Boryeong Festival - South Korea, July 18 - 27 
This festival is now on the world circuit for those who are up for hours of mud wrestling and frolicking - join the party of thousands (like the guy in the pic!) in the inflatable mud arena and enjoy the massive after party. 

2. Lantern Floating Hawaii - Oahu, May 25
Join thousands at Ala Moana Beach Park on sundown and watch over 3000 floating lanterns ceremoniously honor those who have lost their lives at war

3. Carnivale - Rio De Janeiro Brazil, February 13 - 17
Famous for being the worlds biggest festival - Brazil really is on show at Carnivale. Be ready for a week long party full of dancing and music!

4. Oktoberfest - Germany, Sep 19 - Oct 4
The record for beer consumed at Germany's famous Oktoberfest is 6.7million litres - so it's obvious what the main attraction is at this bucket list festival. If beer's not your thing, rest assured there's still plenty to see and eat!