The $79 999 accommodation variation...

Can you guess the variance between the worlds cheapest and most expensive hotel? If you were in the vicinity of $79 999 you would be correct. Yep – from some very interesting googling, our research shows that not only is there accommodation cheaper than a pack of chewing gum, but that some people spend what many of us would class a year’s salary on a luxury overnight stay. Depending on your budget, perhaps keep these in mind for your next trip:

Cheapest at $1 US per night – Garden Village Guesthouse, Cambodia. Asia is well known for its cheaper travel destinations, but this prime located guesthouse in Siem Reap in Cambodia takes the cake for a hostel dorm bed at $1 per night. Included in the nightly rate is a partly exposed dorm bed in a thatched roof hut, mattress, pillow and mosquito net. With a balmy 20 degrees minimum temperature, you don’t need to worry about not getting a blanket included in the nightly rate!

Most expensive is $80 000 US per night – the Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva. Overlooking Lake Geneva in Switzerland is the most expensive hotel suite in the world – The Royal Penthouse has housed world leaders and celebrities such as Michael Jackson and Bill Gates. Inside the 18,000 square feet suite which consumes the entire eighth floor, boasts an impressive 12 rooms + 12 bathroom (naturally of course), library, piano room, and a dining room to cater for 26 dinner party guests. The rate also includes a private boardroom, your own fitness centre (so you don’t have to socialize with any other ‘commoners’) and a $130 000 surround sound system for a late night movie. If you’re worried about transport and security – rest assured are also provided with a chauffeured bullet proof limousine and your own security team to escort you.

Which one takes your fancy?