A new online business, no wifi & lots of giant spiders isn't a good mix!

In pure 21st century fashion, the team at Travelshoot e-stumbled across the amazing new business The Bucketlist Bombshells after they liked one of our Instagram posts – this is when our business crush on them began! After spending longer than we wish to say, stalking their website and social media, we reached out to the brains behind the operation – Bucketlist Bombshells Cassie and Shay. Here is what they had to say:

For those who don’t know, what is The Bucketlist Bombshells all about?

The Bucketlist Bombshells is an online community of new graduates, corporate girls and wanderlust seekers who are inspired to build online businesses and travel the world (yes, at the same time!) We are the creators of our signature e-course, The Work Online + Travel the World Course, where we teach these aspiring girl bosses and wanderlust seekers how to start successful online businesses that give them the freedom to travel the world.

As a company, we believe in inspiring our generation to break free of the 9-5 to live a life of passion, freedom and adventure. We believe in pursuing our dreams now because life is just too short to wait!

Your business concept is such an incredible idea (Working + travel? Who could resist?!) – how did this idea come about? 

First off, thank you! The “idea” for working online and traveling came after we both met at a coffee shop in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We bonded over having bought one-way tickets to Mexico after graduation, in pursuit of an alternative lifestyle and with nothing else but our laptops in hand and adventurous and entrepreneurial spirits.

Soon after, we were running out of the small amount of money that we had saved to embark on this new adventure. We knew we needed to find a way to make money quickly, so we could continue the adventure!

Around the same time, we met a “digital nomad” couple who had been working online & traveling the world for 5 years! It completely opened our minds to a whole new world we didn’t even know existed.

That’s when we decided to give this whole “working online” thing a shot and with one month we were killin’ it online! We realized that since we now had the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, why not travel at the same time?!

The idea for The Bucketlist Bombshells and The Work Online + Travel the World Course was inspired by all of the people we met on the road who asked us, “How do you do it? I wish I could work online & travel – you girls are living the dream!”

This community and e-course has grown beyond our wildest dreams. We are so incredibly passionate about teaching others how to live this amazing lifestyle!

What does a typical workweek look like for you? A lot of fun travelling or boring computer work?

Our typical workweek varies depending on which city/country we’re currently in, although we do make it a point to stick to a routine that works for us. During the week you’ll find us working away on our laptops at a cute coffee shop or coworking space in our current city, taking Pilates classes and trying new restaurants (we’re total foodies!) On the weekends, we love to adventure, take weekend trips and just explore the city!

What is your favourite destination you have visited? If you can pick one...

This is so tough! We both absolutely fell in love with Chiang Mai, Thailand. It has an amazing community of other “digital nomads”, we love the culture, the food, the night markets, riding scooters…basically everything!

What is the craziest/funniest travel story you have from your adventures?

Ohmygoodness we have SO many! In the very beginning, when we first decided to take our work “on the road” we decided to travel to Guatemala for a few months. We found this seriously amazing house on Lake Atitlan, which is in the Guatemala highlands. Our house was literally in a village on the hillside that we had to take a 20-minute boat ride just to get to our house from the main village.

The house was beyond gorgeous but we didn’t take into consideration that we were now living right in the middle of a remote jungle – so…lots of ginormous spiders! We were so freaked out that we slept in the same room of our 3-bedroom house – ha!

To top it off, we didn’t realize that our wifi connection was actually a limited data stick and we “ran out” of wifi in about 3 days! So there we were – with new online businesses, no wifi and lots of giant spiders – not a great combo. A few days later, we ended up moving to Antigua, Guatemala (a nearby town) which we absolutely loved – lots of coffee shops, restaurants and of course…wifi!

It was an epic fail of a first move as newbie digital nomads but we learned our lesson and it always makes for a great story

If you could have a Travelshoot in any destination in the world where would it be and why?

This is so tough! If we had to choose, I think we would pick New Zealand – we’ve both been dying to go there!

Any tips for aspiring travel + workers out there?

Of course! I think our biggest piece of advice would be to realize that you will gain confidence through experience (landing that very first client!). Most of us who started working online never truly felt “ready” but we had the courage to take the leap and do it. At some point you simply need to have the courage to do it, knowing the confidence will come later!