Skye Burkin takes on Queenstown

Travelshoot team were delighted to have the gorgeous travel blogging sensation Skye Burkin from Australia check out what all the fuss is about Travelshoot as she recently had her own Queenstown experience while on tour with Topdeck Travel!

On my recent adventure to New Zealand with Topdeck Travel as their Snapchat Travel Show host, I was lucky enough to experience my first ever Travelshoot! As an avid tourist, I’m always looking for that photo opportunity, although after having a number of bad experiences when giving my camera to others, Travelshoot was a breath of fresh air!

I met Nina, local and experienced Queenstown photographer at her suggested location in the gardens- an extremely easy spot to navigate to and with utterly breathtaking scenery. I can confidently say she suggested the perfect location!

You’ve an avid traveller, so what’s the advantage of a Travelshoot?
Travelshoot is the perfect way to make sure you’re getting quality shots, hassle free! You meet at the agreed location, a local professional photographer captures the moment perfectly and you’re on your merry way again. Not only are you presented with stunning images, but you’re also gaining local knowledge! Without Nina’s handy tips I would never have known about some great spots around the gardens or found my now favourite coffee spot in Queenstown!

Best bit about a Travelshoot?
The convenience! Gone are the days of worrying about who to hand your beloved camera to, trying to make that selfie work or awkwardly not being able to get both of you in the picture at one time! Travelshoot captures the essence of your holiday in a matter of hours, giving quality images and life long memories! Not to mention, the fast turn over. I had my images in a couple of days, fresh and ready for that Facebook post that would make all my friends insanely envious.

Why is capturing travel memories so important for you?
In todays fast paced and continuously busy world, I think travel memories are the most important to capture. Travel is something that not everyone has the opportunity to do and for a lot of people not something that happens half as frequently as we’d like, so capturing those golden moments is a must!

All in all, I would recommend Travelshoot to absolutely everyone. Whether you’re a frequent globe trotter or making that one special trip- the convenience and overall experience is something you’ll remember for a lifetime, not to mention the gorgeous images you’ll have for even longer!

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