Why mothers are always missing from family photos...

If we had a dollar for every mother that told us she was sick of never being in the frame of her own family photos we'd be seriously minted. (that's slang for super rich in Australia!) There's a very common trend that appears to be spreading across family holidays around the world - mothers are missing in photos. 

I decided to investigate and contact a few mothers to get a better idea of their frustration, and the feedback was pretty consistent; mother's are the gatekeepers of memories, so on a family holiday they invest time and energy into capturing everyones precious memories but never make it into the frame themselves. 

"Apart from the occasional family selfie I force on everyone, my husband leaves it up to me to worry about photos of the kids and our adventures" commented one frustrated mum. 

My favourite response had to be this one from a client who recently planned the ultimate family getaway in New York and from over 500 photos, she appeared in less than 5! "My husband knows it s&^ts me that I have barely any photos with the kids and he has thousands, but I've realised it's more the emphasis I put on wanting to capture to capture family memories over his which is why I continue to do it

One of the things I love the most is the reasons us mums love family photos and memories so much. The responses ranged from the need to frame moments in time, watch how quickly children change and grow, but my favourite answer was "when I'm bored in a nursing home when I'm 80 I'll know I will be able to fill my days looking back at all our adventures and family memories" 

So whatever your reason is to persist with taking a million photos, and perhaps not being in the majority of them, remember you're not alone.

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