Reuniting with family in Santorini

We love learning about special places that families decide to re-unite in if they live in different parts of the world, so when we learnt that our client Arnah was reuniting with family in Santorini - we were thrilled they found a moment to capture such a special trip...

Why Santorini?
We had a family trip to Greece planned, and my sister and brother in law wanted to show us Santorini as they loved it so much when they travelled there for their honeymoon.

Your favourite thing about this city?
What’s not to love about it, it’s an iconic Greek landscape – plus the clear blue ocean and delicious food!

Who was in your Travelshoot, and why was capturing memories important to you on this trip?
The shoot featured my immediate family, I live overseas and I was lucky enough to meet up with them in Greece. There were so many memories to be had on this trip as it was filled with a number of celebrations including my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary, my cousin’s wedding, my aunty’ s 70th and the christening of my nephew.

Why do you think travel memories matter?
They are special moments from adventures exploring different cultures and places, meeting people, trying new things, all part of your life story.

Favourite place in the world and why?
My favourite destination is Turkey, the people the history, architecture and the FOOD!

Next holiday destination!?
The plan is to try and visit Israel and Jordan this year!