Meet Erin and the mum travel advice we love

Erin is a lovely client who used the opportunity of a holiday with her sister visiting from the other side of the world as the perfect time to Travelshoot on the Gold Coast. 

The delight of being a mum comes through so clearly in this album with her sister, so we used the opportunity to interview this writer from Queensland a few questions about life, travels and motherhood...

What do you think is the best thing about being a mum?
Wow, there are so many things. Of course it’s also the hardest thing I’ve ever done but I think the best thing is just being around these little people who exist fully in the moment and are so honest with their feelings. If they’re sad you know they’re sad, and if they’re happy they do things like skip instead of walk… just being with them fills me up.

Travelling with kids – your best advice?
Let go of all expectations you may have regarding the kids and be very, very flexible with your plans! Basically, loosen up and go with the flow. 

You picked Gold Coast + family visiting for your Travelshoot – why were these memories important to you?
We chose the Gold Coast because my sister and her family were visiting from Finland and missing out on their precious summer to be here, so we wanted to at least give them some beach time. These are really special memories because we only get both entire families together every two or three years and the kids grow up so much in between. We want these cousins to remember their times together and we thought the photo shoot was a beautiful way to do that.

Favourite place for a family getaway?
We had a really fun time at Caloundra recently but I would say anywhere close to nature and it also helps if we haven’t been there before. We love a bit of an adventure.