Why fly commercial when you can fly private?

Monarc Aviation is an Australian private helicopter and jet service. They are believed to be the future of domestic travel in Australia. With their services providing shorter waiting times and luxurious travel. As Travelshoot is part of the travel industry we love hearing of local businesses that have a unique offering - Monarc is no exception! We sat down with Monarc co-founder and CMO, Joshua Rablin to find out more about their services. 



What is Monarc about?

Here at Monarc we focus on three main factors; service, style and time. We literally halve your travel time, at least. No waiting times, no queues, and offering a door to door service, in one of our luxury vehicles. Select your style of jet, and you're on your way. 

Monarc is the ultimate in private aviation ride share. Why fly commercial when you can fly private?



When are you expecting to be operational and what routes will you offer?

We are already operational, simply point your finger to where you want to go and we'll take you there! Our main focus at this present moment is within the eastern seaboard of Australia. Although we can fly internationally, Eastern Australia is the focus at this stage.  To see the routes which are offered at present, our app can be downloaded (Monarc Aviation). 


 What internal features do the aircraft have?

You can expect comfort! The aircraft interior will differ depending on the aircraft you select and you can view images of each aircraft in our updated app. We also have a range of beverages on board with a French style cuisine. We provide inflight Wifi and on the larger jets, you get your own host or hostess.



Now to the question we all want to know – how much is this going to cost us?

You may ask yourself, what's your time worth? We will do everything within our power to create a space where you don't need to worry about that. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the flight. You may download the app, Monarc Aviation, within the iOS and android app stores to keep up to date with where you would like to go. On average depending on the jet you select our rates on full jets come in under or equal to commercial business, where as our regional flights we offer flights on a full plane under domestic economy rates, and your flying private. Welcome to Monarc. 


Download the Monarc Aviation app in the App Store today to book your luxury travel experience! Want to make your Monarc experience even more memorable? Get Travelshoot to tag along and capture it all! 


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