"Honeymoon memories without the cheese"

Lets face it... whether it's London, Paris or even a remote island off Bali - a honeymoon is a big deal. It's not only a celebration of exploring a new place together somewhere fabulous in the world - but it's a adventure that has is no doubt the result of months of planning.

A client recently couldn't have said it better - they told us they wanted some honeymoon memories "without any cheese". They were keen for some photos but without the 'typical tourist snaps'. We smile when we get this type of request - cause we know all of photographers love exactly this - natural, honest and a modern take on holiday memories. 

With over 80 locations on our network now it was hard to pin down a few honeymoon favourites, but the handful below are just a few picks that have come from both our 1 and 2 hour experiences! (and we'll let you guess the location from these options! Tokyo - Hawaii - New York - Venice - Sydney - London

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