Family Spotlight: A mum on a mission!

With Mother’s Day coming up, we’ve got mamas on our minds!

You know how much we care about putting mums back in the picture, so this week we’ve been taking the time to interview different mums, on different life journeys, to talk about what makes them tick.

This time round, we are speaking to Sarah — Travelshoot’s founder, and mum of two under two (!) — to chat about how being a mum has changed the way she travels, and what she won’t leave home without...

What’s your favourite thing about being a mum?
The biggest and best change for me was the complete life shift that happens pretty much straight away — you get this sense of clarity around what is truly important in life. It’s funny because even though life is more chaotic (and sometimes just more mundane!) as a parent, for the most part, life is just way happier and enjoyable with your little ones around. You learn to go with the flow, and enjoy the littlest things.

Best family holiday location and why?

Our first family trip to the Maldives — island-life definitely makes for an easy going holiday with a baby. International transits can definitely be tiring if your little one doesn’t travel well, but we were lucky that our daughter was an amazing sleeper and handled the journey brilliantly. Being ‘island bound’ really slowed our pace and let us truly relax. There wasn’t much to do except enjoy the time to be outside and be with each other, it was bliss.

Name your must-have product or trick that makes travelling with children easier?
The greatest invention ever... a BabyBjorn carrier! I wouldn’t be without one when on-the-go with a baby, it’s a godsend.


Favourite location in the world and why?

Internationally I have a soft spot for Paris —  it’s the most beautiful city I’ve ever visited. The surroundings just get more and more picturesque with every corner you turn. I just wish it wasn’t so far away! Closer to home, nothing beats a weekend getaway to Byron Bay — amazing beaches, café culture, and I love some of the homewares and children’s shops that have popped up recently too. The perfect escape.

How has having children changed the way you travel?
We’ve definitely cut back on the action-packed itineraries. And weigh-up travel-time far more now than we used to! Last year we made the commitment to not stop travelling to places we want to see because of long distances, and to instead just be more mindful of how we got there. We’d rather make an effort in the planning stages of a holiday, so that the journey is as easy as possible… before children we would have just booked, packed, and gone!

We’ve just had our second baby and he’s a lot more demanding than our first. So I totally understand each child is different, and this can change what you feel comfortable doing when travelling. For us, it just comes down to making that effort to be more prepared.

Why do family photos matter to you?
Capturing memories as they are made is such a magical thing. Talking about different days, different memories, your children at different ages, can be so powerful — but nothing takes you back to specific moments quite like flicking through photographs.

I love that we are building our collection, and that we’ll be able to look back with the children one day at all of the amazing times we had whilst they were still so small. Family photos are a great investment - they take only a split-second to capture but provide happiness for years.

What have you done with your Travelshoot photos?

To honour the shoot that started the whole Travelshoot idea, we have the photos from our first visit to NYC framed around the house. And from more recent shoots with the babies, we are in the process of having them canvassed on stone courtesy of On Stone - my favourite Australian vendor for showcasing photos in a unique and lasting way. (  

How long has it been since you got photos of family, all together?
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