Dubrovnik's secrets from a local

Clear turquoise water, some of the best seafood eats and of course, Game of Thrones. Dubrovnik is the latest holiday destination finding itself on everyone's bucket lists.... And why would we blame them?!

We caught up with local; Monika from GoDubrovnik, to hear out her top tips for travellers heading to Dubrovnik.



Please tell us a bit about yourself?

Originally, I'm from one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Dubrovnik. I studied Economics and Business here in Dubrovnik and in the capital city of Croatia - Zagreb. I came back home and found a perfect job - marketing assistant at Mint Media. I'm working in social media and I'm writing for our website - GoDubrovnik.

Tell us a bit about Dubrovnik! Do you have any favourite spots or secrets?

Dubrovnik is so beautiful. You cannot even imagine! Every street has a story and you can feel the energy around. All of my friends are going somewhere else just to find their own peace, but for me - Dubrovnik is a state of mind. Here is my heart, and I belong here.

Favourite spots in Dubrovnik:

1. Definitely coffee at the main street, Stradun

2. When I want to escape the ordinary, island Lokrum is my oasis of peace. There is a perfect restaurant called Lacroma - while you eat, little rabbits and peacocks are around you.

3. Favourite restaurant is Pantarul - they make art with food! Definitely a must try.

4. Take a walk around the city walls

5. Take a swim at Buza.

6. Take a cable car to the mountain Srđ.



How do you think is the best way to travel Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik isn't the city of nightlife. We have only one club - Revelin. Local people are always angry about tourists and noise at night, so I recommend you to visit Dubrovnik in a couple. 

Tell us about your Travelshoot experience!

Two of my colleagues and I decided to book a Travelshoot to give people on GoDubrovnik info on our experience! We did our photoshoot in the Old Town, we told our photographer how we wanted it to look, and she gave us her professional advice. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed - the two hours flew by. Our photographer was positive, professional and full of ideas. It was a perfect combination of sightseeing, socialising and photography. Thumbs up for Travelshoot, we recommend anyone to try this! It's a great way to meet someone local and feel like a local for a day. Travelshoot is jus the thing you need if you are trying to upscale your Instagram account and get more followers, or to develop a big picture for your living room even!




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