Fiji with two under two...

We couldn't help ourselves and persuade our own founder of Travelshoot Sarah to share some of her own recent Travelshoot photos with her family from their first family holiday in Fiji. Sarah was happy to admit travelling abroad with two under two for the first time was a little nerve-racking, so we asked her to share her thoughts on Fiji and travelling with little ones.... 

Who's in your family and why Fiji? 
There's four of us, my husband Grant, our daughter London who's 2 and our son Hugo who's 1. This was our first overseas trip together, and we knew Fiji would be a great test bed for travelling abroad for the first time together. My husband surfs so he was completely on board, and we knew from a previous trip years ago that the Fijian locals are so amazing and welcoming of children.

How was travelling with 2 under 2? Any tips? 
It was definitely testing at times I'm not going to lie. Yet I think the effort was well worth it - we really noticed London (who's 2) understood we were in a different place, with new people, learning new things - which was awesome to watch. The best tip is from a friend of mine - which is to relax and do as much as you can and don't travel with expectations. Routines may fall apart, there will be good and bad bits, but just to roll with it and the travel memories you give your kids to look back on will be worth it. 

Would you recommend Fiji for other young families? 
As an overseas option, particularly for Australians (it was a 3hour flight from Brisbane for us) it's just an easy holiday - most resorts are really equipped for family travelling. The Fijian locals are without doubt some of the friendliest people in the world, we just felt so welcome with kids everywhere we went.

How did you find your own Travelshoot experience? 
This was our first Travelshoot together as a family of four. Our local photographer Laura was incredible - she was a mother herself, so was super relaxed with the kids and knew exactly how to lead the hour to make the kids relaxed and get the shots she wanted. To be honest I thought the hour was going to be a little more chaotic, but we just really played with the kids in a few little spots as we were walking along the beach and Laura managed to capture us that way - which really works with little ones. 

Why do memories matter to you? 
Grant and I feel very passionate about sharing our love of travel with our children, so showing them the world is important to us - and being able to capture some of these travel memories for them to have as they grow up will just be really special. 

Favourite photo from the Fiji Travelshoot? 
We love the whole album, but the one of Grant throwing Hugo in the air makes me laugh! The height, and Hugos expression is hilarious :)