Cool sh*t to do with your photos

It’s post-Travelshoot... You've just landed home from your adventures abroad and your latest photos have just come through. They are everything you hoped for and more. You want everyone to see them.

Obviously they will make their way onto your Instagram... But why stop there?

What other cool sh*t can you do with them?


Print them on everything! 

If it has a flat surface then there is a fat chance you can print your pictures on them. Timber blocks to glass sheets - the possibilities are endless. Acrylic glass prints can give your photo a polished and clear finish to really show off the colours of that Byron sunset shoot. A solid piece of timber can give your photos a very industrial look that’s perfect for those rustic redbrick snaps. Work out what style suits your shoot, and go from there. 

Family portrait pillow for mum? Nothing screams "cool" louder.


Glass Canvas Travel Photo


Take them with you!

We all have photos on our phone, but we don't all have it decorating our phone! All you need is a print out of your picture and a clear phone case to make your very own one-of-a-kind design. This simple and sweet creation will help you cherish your travel memory every time you look down at your phone. Which, to be honest, is a lot.


Phone Case Travel Photo


Fill space with them!

You can find photos hanging on the wall in almost every home... It's time to get creative. There are so many cool ways to hang, arrange, frame and display your pics - you just have to play. Feel free to experiment with framing, colour palettes and spacing but don’t shy away from covering an entire wall, flowing your pictures down a staircase or bring the collection around the bend. 


Corner Framed Travel Photos


Hang them!

This old trick is a classic. Get your paws on some string and a couple of pegs to start your collection. Take your photo clothes line to the next level by adding some fairy lights into the mix. Before you know it, this might just become the coolest feature of your home.


Hanging Travel Pictures


Map them!

Show, don't tell... Have your friends "where and what" questions already answered at one glance of your coffee table. These map-decorated photo albums are a great coffee table display that looks awesome and keeps everything together. Win-Win. 

Another awesome way to achieve this is to hang a world map on your wall and connect your photos with their location with a bit of string!  

World Map Travel Ideas


Look back on them!

Feeling a bit nostalgic? Your own personal tear-off calendar is easily the coolest way to reminisce about your past journeys. There are a number of print companies that make them and it would be a great way to count down to your next overseas adventure and Travelshoot.


Calendar Travel Photos Ideas


Eat them!

We’ve shown you how to print, hang, create, reflect, map and light your pics up... Now it's time to get weird. How better to revisit your memories than a plate of delicious marshmallow goodness covered with your favourite pictures. Maybe eating your memories isn’t your cup of tea... but they sure would go down nicely with a hot chocolate.


Edible Photos Marshmallows


Need some professional pictures to do cool sh*t with?