Colourful Copenhagen Family Memories...

She's the travel guru from Mackay in Australia, and was the proud coordinator behind this family Travelshoot in beautiful Copenhagen. And whilst the city shines bright in this album, it was a certain four year old that definitely stole the show... 

Tell us about your family! 
My family is my husband Jonas and our daughter Saoirse, sadly our dog Jessie can’t travel with us.

What’s your top tip for parents planning a getaway with little ones?
My tip would be planning flights around nap time/ bed time. Saoirse is amazing at sleeping anywhere, so it helps when traveling distances. My packing tip would be a few change of clothes for both your children and you, and packing a variety of toys, watching in seat entertainment just doesn’t cut it. Taking kids size headphones also helps, as the plane stock standard doesn’t really fit.

Why Copenhagen?
This trip was for a friends wedding in the UK but we took advantage of being in Europe and went to Denmark as this is where my father was from. I really wanted to take Saoirse to see dads side of the family, and show her what I loved to see and do when he brought me there as a child.

Why did you decide to arrange a family photoshoot? Was it to mark something special, or just to help you capture those precious family & holiday memories?
Copenhagen is my favourite city in the world. I just wanted to be able to capture my family enjoying it.

Talk us through your Travelshoot experience and how it all went down! What were your favourite parts? 
We were a little worried doing a shoot with a four year old, but our photographer was amazing. He interacted with Saoirse, let her play and be in her element. Because of this we were able to capture so many of the expressions we love with her.

And finally, what’s your favourite shot from your Travelshoot? Why do you love it?
It is so hard to pick a favorite. This one is awesome as Saoirse is being her usual cheeky self and she loves it on Daddy's shoulders. Plus the background is so Denmark!