What would Adele Blair do with all the time in the world?

She’s the astute Brisbane entrepreneur who has created a concierge service that is giving thousands of Australians back valuable time so they can enjoy the things they really love to do. Adele Blair (pictured above on a recent holiday in Hawaii with her husband Anthony) is the founder of The Concierge Collective, which was formed to simplify your life so you can get more out of it.

Travelshoot feels very privileged to collaborate with this in demand Australian business and we were lucky enough to get some of Adele's thoughts on what she would do if she had all the time in the world!

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It’s no secret people are time poor these days – so how did the Concierge Collective come about?

In created The Concierge Collective n 2006, so possibly a little ahead of our time.  I was working in a corporate environment and saw how time poor my boss was, I would spend 30% of my day doing his personal errands to prevent him from becoming overwhelmed.  I thought why can’t the be a service just personal tasks this so that PA’s can get on with their regular work.

What’s the most popular service the Concierge Collective help clients with to save on time?

Managing tasks around the home, from sourcing trades and services, finding new furniture, organising housekeepers, professional organising and helping with relocations.  We do get some unusal requests but primarily we help people with the tasks we all have on our to do list.

What’s the most bizarre service someone has ever asked you to help them with to save on time?

A client was on a diving holiday near Guam and her sister fell in love with the stray cat that would join them at the bar each afternoon.  She called me to ask if we could arrange to have the cat moved to Australia – we did.

What do you find clients love to do the most with the time you save them?

Resting and spending with their family.  It is all about the emotional well being of the client.  The stress and anxiety this released from a client when we take charge of their to do list is papable!

What would YOU do if you had all the time in the world?

I would study!  There are so many interesting things to learn I would love to do more study for me it is the 3 A’s Architecture, Anthropology and Archaeology.

Favourite place to holiday and why?

Spain hands down – food, wine, architecture, beaches and friends!

Any travel apps you love that help you be more organised and relaxed when you travel?

XE Currency converter and language translator if needed.

Where would you most like to do your own Travelshoot experience and who would it be with?

I think Paris – it is very high on my list of favourite places and there is amazing architecture (away from the Eiffel Tower) that would create an amazing backdrop – and of course I would take my husband Anthony.