Crab fishing in Hobart

Our recent Hobart Travelshoot captured a local family having fun catching crabs around the rocks on a crisp Autumn day. Daddy Craig gives some insight into his travel experiences and why he enjoyed his Hobart photoshoot with us.  
What’s your dream travel destination? 
Having travelled and lived overseas for 11 years I am now looking forward to showing Australia to my family.
Name your must-have travel accessory.  
My camera (and the kids!)

What’s your favourite city in the world and why? 
There are so many places that are awesome but I would say I loved Grenada the most. It was one of the first real 'travel experiences' I had. I remember standing in a large room filled with tile mosaics listening to a headset explaining the room when it said that I was standing in the room Christopher Columbus stood in when he told the known world he was off to discover the route to China. It blew my mind that I was actually standing in a place I had learnt about in school!

What’s your favourite leisure activity whilst your travelling? It could be something mellow like lying on the beach, or something more active like rock climbing.
Actually, I like history and art so museums are a fave, however with two young kids I have a feeling my holidays are going to be more theme park orientated for a while.

What’s your favourite travel app? 
I don't have one.

What did you enjoy most about your Travelshoot? 
It was just like a family day out. We spent time playing together, walking around historic areas and having fun together except at the end we received some amazing photos as a memory.

Which is your favourite Travelshoot image? 
My favourite one would be me catching my son while he was on the swings. The kids had warmed up to our photographer Steve by then so they were a bit more free with themselves and it shows in Tyler's expression.

Why do you think travellers will love Travelshoot?
We all take photos on our holidays to remind us of the good times we have had. Travelshoot has taken this to another level and after seeing the shots of my family I think it would make an extra special memory and one that you would put on your wall or in a frame when you return.
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