A rare moment of peace in bustling Tokyo

One of our favourite Melbourne bloggers, Kim Leow, experienced a very special Travelshoot in Tokyo with her partner for their 13th wedding anniversary. The images that came from it were so stunning she had to share some with her followers on her blog here. After she kindly wrote a blog post about us, we wanted to find out some of her top travelling tips to share with you lovely lot.

What’s your dream travel destination? 

South of France! Especially Provence

Name your must-have travel accessory. 

My camera 

What’s your favourite city in the world? 

New York

What’s your favourite leisure activity whilst your travelling? It could be something mellow like lying on the beach, or something more active like rock climbing. 

I always spend a day or two doing what the locals do in the city that I'm in. I love exploring local cafes in the area that I'm staying at and watch how the local people go on with their daily life. There's nothing like it.

What’s your favourite travel app? 

I have two! The weather and Google Maps app! Can't live without them when I'm traveling.

What did you enjoy most about your Travelshoot? 

Getting tips about the city we're in and sharing travel experiences with our photographer.

Which is your favourite Travelshoot image? 

The one where my husband kissed my forehead.

Why do you think travellers will love Travelshoot?   

I think they will love how convenient and easy it is to get their pictures taken professionally when they are exploring a new place. That's the best souvenir to bring home - beautiful travel moments captured. 

Check out more images from Kim's Tokyo Travelshoot here