Diamonds hidden in socks & a drop to calm the nerves in The Big Easy

Ben & Danielle landed in New Orleans at the halfway mark of a exciting month long adventure of the US. Ben had thought this out and decided that he'd like to spend the remainder of their time on this trip as a newly engaged couple, so went about planning a surprise proposal on a private balcony overlooking this vibrant city. And that's where Travelshoot stepped in to help capture this special moment. 

I asked Ben why he picked New Orleans to propose to his love and why he chose to have it captured by us.... 


1. Why New Orleans to propose?

I wanted to make sure that we had some quality one on one time travelling together after the proposal (if she said yes of course) as a newly engaged couple. It really did make the remainder of our trip extra special and was a popular point of conversation with people we met along the way. Also I really wanted to catch Danielle by surprise and thought that this location was not on her radar for a potential proposal.

2. Favourite thing about New Orleans?

We both have a great love of old music, particularly Blues and R&B. The music, history and colour of the French Quarter, and the Garden District, really set this place apart from the other cities and towns we visited. A long drunken afternoon B.B. Kings Blues Bar was great fun.

3. How did you hide the ring on the trip?

The ring was tucked away in the box and concealed inside a pair of socks in my suitcase. I later realise Danielle has borrowed a pair from my bag earlier on and luckily didn't grab the ring. I was probably a bit casual about it but it all worked out ok.

6. What did she think of having a photographer?

As I said we are not exactly naturals behind the camera but the photographer helped make things a bit easier and we relaxed pretty quickly. I would maybe have had a few drinks beforehand if doing it again. We popped into a bar for a celebratory drink after the proposal and that calmed the nerves.

7. Proposal tip for blokes?

Brush your teeth beforehand.